6 January, 2015 18:41

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1. The Century 21 Masters Advantage Program (MAPs) offers you a very specific, predictable, duplicatable sales system … use it. It doesn’t need to be modified, edited or changed … just use it.

2. We have to become masters of details if we expect to have a viable system for doing business.

3. Selling real estate in big numbers requires an exact sales system. Once we have established our sales systems we can support it by putting an administrative system in place to back it up.

4. Your system creates business. When your systems are only in your head you become the only asset in your business. As you create your systems, write them down, creating an operating manual for your business. Now the systems create value and are an asset.

5. Create checklists … by simply listing everything that you do when you take a listing or make a sale.

6. Once you have created the checklist and put it on paper … operate by it 100% of the time.

7. Having systems in place takes the stress out of the transaction and creates a better environment for your buyers and sellers.

8. Constantly look for ways of improving your systems by:

a. asking your clients for feedback on your service;

b. asking your staff to critique your systems.

9. Systems and delegation go hand in hand … some thoughts on delegation:

a. Delegation gives you the gift of time;

b. Delegation fosters team building;

c. Delegation gives you the power to multiply yourself;

d. Delegation boosts creativity;

e. Delegation inspires motivation because others see that their opinion counts.

10. Here are the areas that you will need systems for:

a. Finding phone numbers: For Sale by Owners, Expireds, and Just Listed / Just Solds phone numbers;

b. Find homes to door-knock, mapping;

c. Working Past Clients and Center of Influence;

d. New Listings;

e. Servicing listings;

f. Transaction follow-up;

g. Price reductions;

h. The hiring process;

i. A system for keeping track of all business materials;

j. Client Retention

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