Notes from sales meeting today

Never Take No For An Answer When Yes Is Possible

Neil Schwawrtz, Sales Meeting, Monday, September 19, 2011

69 work days left in the year
Including the next 4 days at prod school
And 2 days for Thanksgiving

Back in end of June You made a commitment to do ______ number of closed and pending
before year end

How are you doing on that goal?

Are you doing the daily activities to accomplish that goal?

Review ranking of c 21 offices

The bad news slim chance we will be # 1 in nation for this year

The good news is we can still be #3 in the nation and #2 in California…. still ok but definitely a lost opportunity…

Let’s use the next 3 months to improve our position miracles can still happen

And I will not quit working on improving our position

We need to run thru the finish line of 2011continues prospecting creating leads then follow up on leads that can still close this year and at the same time build for a fantastic 1st quarter of 2012.

What do we need to do?

1. Prospect… look for good leads

2. Follow up on good leads and set appt

3. Present… go on qualified listing/and buyer appts; you need to be great on your presentation

4. Negotiate contracts; be a deal maker, not a deal breaker

5. Do it again

Mixed in those activities you have to practice

  • Learn what to say and how to say it
  • Learn the business in those activities
  • Learn the contracts (what they say and how to explain it)
  • Learn the objection handlers (what to say and how to say it)
  • Learn your markets (preview property)

Average agent sees 3- 5 houses a week when they have a showing appt and they see them
when they show property to the buyer

How many times a month do you think the average agent shows property monthly

2 or 3 times maybe

6 months 5 houses a week x 26 weeks 130
houses tops

5 houses a day 5 days a week = 25 per week whether they show to a buyer or not x 26 weeks 650 houses seen

Which agent is better prepared to know the market and answer the sellers or buyers

The agent who has seen 650 houses in 6 months or one that may have seen 130

Who would you rather work with as a potential buyer?

Never take no for an answer when yes is still possible with a qualified client

How many “no’s” does it take for you to back off? For you

Why do you do that?
1.Want people to like us so we don’t want to offend
2. Don’t know what else to say or how to say it?

We all hear the’s how we react to it that
determines how many deals we will do

Almost all superstars hear the no”s yet they don’t react by stopping and backing off they
ask another question and move forward

Are no’s stopping you or slowing you down
Even thou the client may push you off several times you have to be able to handle the objections 5 , 6, 7 times that is the mark of a great agent

Try this….do objection handler for we need to think about it….

Remember when you’re not working to improve, your competition is

Every hour you put in over forty, either on your job or on yourself, improving your knowledge and skill, Is as an investment in your success and your future

To achieve more than the average person, you must work longer, harder and be more deliberate then the average person

If you always do more that you are paid for, you will always be paid more that you are getting now

Today matters

What actions will you take today to move you to practice at a higher level so you can stop being an average agent and start being the superstar you were destined to be?

Let go out and make this our best practice
week ever..

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