notes from today’s sales meeting

Amazing event

100 of point and thoughts

Where to start 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Boil it down to a few things that make great producers great
1. Prospect; 3 hrs daily, 5 days a week; Doorknock 5 expired listings and preview 5 properties, 10 doors around each;
2. Mindset and attitude
3. Present
4. Close
5. Follow up …prospecting is lead generating, Follow up is appointment setting time; 80% of appointments from lead follow-up;
6. Time management; Top producers are fanatics with their time management. Create a schedule, work it, goal do 75% of what your suppose to do 75% of the time
7. Competitive Advantage: They know what their competitive advantage is, what is yours? Voice, handshake, inventory knowledge, smile, look sharp, presentation skills, ability to handle objections
8. Treat this like a job
Question how has had a job before????
How much did you earn>
What did they expect you do for the money?
Show up on time. Work late. Do what was asked of you.
What if they paid you $100,000: $8300 per mo; 200,000: $16,600 per mo $300,000: $25,000 per mo

On a scale from 1 to 10; Grade yourself

What makes a great presenter great? One idea is speaks with authority. Believe in what they are saying. Have conviction. How?????

1. How know what to say and how to say it
2. Know the inventory
3. Never show a property ever again without previewing it 1st
4. Support your presentation with facts, figures, and numbers
5. Practice all the time.
6. Our personal appearance must match our presentation style
7. Stick with the business during the presentation; it’s about them and not about you.

Must find your why
How will that money change your life?
Why do I need it?
For my kids, for my retirement, for the community?
Or just our ego???
Did it bother anyone whey pressed what was your production you were embarrassed if you had to say it????
I would be pretty disgusted with myself if I kept going year after year and never got it together enough to even be on track for a lousy 25 deals a year.
It’s OK not to achieve your goals, its NOT OK to NOT do the daily activites that are required for your goals.

Today matters
What will you do today?
Mike had a ton of points
You don’t like mine fine use your own
But don’t blow the opportunity

20 years from now you will be more disappointed in what you did not do, rather than what you did do.
Mark Twain

Now let’s go out and make this the best week you have ever had

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