Summary of notes from today’s Action Workshop

1. Selling is not telling
2. Selling is asking questions
3. Real estate is a numbers game
4. To sell more talk to more people

3 ways to get business
1. Wait for it
2. Buy it
3. Find it

7 rules
A. Find people to buy and sell real estate
B. Follow-up with them daily
C. Qualify them carefully
D. Close them often
E. Presentation
F. Negotiate
G. Start over again every day, this is how we build a long-term business

To get a lot out of the event:
Take notes
Ask questions
Laugh a lot, it relieves stress
Be open minded (this may be like a foreign language)
Turn off cellphones
Be on time, practice at 830
Stay in chair
Dont share negative thoughts
Do all homework

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